Preparing floorplans for Decentraland.
From 15 MANA / sqm delivered in 24h.
Perfect groundwork for Blender.

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Quick and easy

Rapidly migrate real world premises into Decentraland. Save time while building professional scenes for the metaverse.

VR Living Workflow

DCLBuilder analyses floorplans and delivers a basic 3D model for download. The created 3D model is a perfect groundwork to rapidly extend Decentraland scenes with architecture. The purchased object can be downloaded within 24 hours.

  • Flexible square metre packages
  • Pipeline exports *.obj and *.mtl files
  • Refine output in Blender
  • Save time and effort
  • Ready in 24 hours

Example Models

These models were created with DCLBuilder. Click the image to inspect the source file.

Flexible Pricing

DCLBuilder comes with a transparent pre-paid price model for different order volumes. No subscriptions needed. Payment in MANA.

Simply use MetaMask to purchase different packages. Integrate DCLBuilder without efforts into your existing workflows without any obligations. Our price model enables you to scale development in a flexible way.

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